Musicians Get the Girls


I’m not going to lie. Initially, I was motivated to become a musician because it seemed to be a unique and irresistible way to impress girls. Everyone starts somewhere. Thankfully my shallow artistic ambitions eventually evolved.

The Beginnings…

I tagged along with my father’s travel company to NYC every opportunity I could. It’s there where I was exposed to some of the richest musical and artistic offerings imaginable. Musical theater on Broadway, opera and ballet at The Met, symphonies at Carnegie Hall. I became consumed with the interaction of the various art forms, the way that they each communicate in such unique ways but marry together to create something wholly different.

For my 15th birthday I got a 4 track cassette multi-track recorder, a cheap Yamaha synth and a $10 microphone. I obviously didn’t know it at the time but the hundreds of hours I spent writing and recording on that laughably primitive system would begin preparing me for the career that I’m fortunate enough to currently have.

The Career…

Much has happened since… Being involved in every ensemble imaginable throughout high school, playing solo jazz piano gigs throughout the Midwest while earning my undergrad degree in Music Production, an artist’s colony on Martha’s Vineyard Island, years in Nashville, TN as a touring and session musician, graduate studies at Temple University in Composition and the eventual forming of Neosonic Productions.

I have spent the better part of my life investing in my craft. It’s demanding disciplined work for sure but in my ten years as a professional musician it has never felt like a job. I approach each project as an object of passion and will be committed to do the same for your project as well.



Composition Resume

  • Multiple Short Films including Clara Te Foveo (2011), Infinite (2012), Light (2012) & Adults (2013)
  • Various Commercial Work- Includes Victory Brewing Co, Miami University, Longwood Gardens, Amnesty International, State of DE, Christian Care Health Systems
  • Video Games- The Lost City, Mosaika, I'm Pepe, Panmorphia (In Production)
  • Feature Films- Making Wookiie by Counter Productions

Education & Experience

  • 2003- Graduated with a BA in Studio Music (music technology + composition) from Greenville College
  • 2004-2007- Was a studio session player and touring musician for various artists in Nashville, TN
  • 2010- Did Graduate work in Composition from Temple University
  • 2010- Formed Neosonic Productions